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Appliance Handles - Don't Forget To Keep Them Clean

The weather is turning cooler and thoughts of the dreaded cold and flu season are beginning to fill your head. You may need to stock up on Kleenex and cough drops and chicken soup. But while these things are good you might consider eradicating the germs from your home by being cleaner and more vigilant. You remember that old saying an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Well it is true. Contact surfaces are prime areas for germs to lurk in your home. This includes everywhere you touch from the front door to the refrigerator door germs are lurking and growing. Since everyone in your family touches them, germs are constantly added and transferred since these are spots that aren't often cleaned. Here's how it works your husband or whoever comes home touching the door knob after being in a public bathroom, holding the escalator handrail at the mall and blowing their nose. He or she than goes to the refrigerator because they want a drink or a snack and so proceeds to touch the refrigerator handle, conta...


How To Get Rid Of That Old Stinky Washing Machine Smell

If you have ever purchased a second hand washer from a garage sale or used appliance dealer you may be familiar with the frustration of trying to get rid of that terrible stinky washing machine smell that insists on lingering despite your best efforts to remove it. For a mold and mildew free washing machine without a trace of any stinky washing machine odor, you will need to use a good washer cleaner to remove the mold and leave your machine sparkling clean and smelling wonderful.Use Washer Cleaner To Eliminate Mold And MildewRather than replacing your towels if they come out smelling worse than before they went in try tackling the problem head on. Towel and clothing odor is caused by the bad smell being transferred from the clothes washer to them. Towels are thicker so the mold and mildew that accumulates inside the washer will permeate deeper into them. Also, towels are used when they're wet and in close proximity to the face so odor is noticed more. To remove mold odor from towels and clothes the washer...


Considerations for Selecting the Perfect Refrigerator

One of the most visible and most necessary household appliances is the refrigerator. It is said that the kitchen is the heart of every home. If that is true, the refrigerator is certainly the heart of the kitchen. When a guest enters your kitchen, the refrigerator is often the first thing her or she notices. When a family member enters the kitchen, a visit to the refrigerator is often the reason for the trip to the kitchen. When selecting a refrigerator, there are a number of factors to consider. Energy EfficiencyIn the modern world, certainly energy efficiency is a major concern when selecting any household appliance. By selecting energy efficient appliances, you can save money on your electric bill in an environmentally responsible manner. Look for the Energy Star label on display models so that you can be sure that you are selecting a refrigerator that demonstrates maximum energy efficiency. ModelThere are several refrigerator models from which to choose. Traditionally, the best refrigerator mo...


Furnace Filters: Electrostatic vs. Pleated

Furnace filters are an essential component for keeping your HVAC system working properly. The other important function of furnace filters is to filter the air in your home of dirty air particles. Unfortunately, most homes are full of all sorts of contaminates such as dust mites, pollen, pet dander and more. The good news is that a good-quality furnace filter can remove most air impurities.What contaminants are typically in the air inside a home?* Dust from the outdoors* Cooking dust* Hair and skin dander* Pollen* MoldDust particles can contain bacteria. Breathing these contaminants can make people sick. Two of the most effective and affordable furnace filters are electrostatic filters and pleated filters. Electrostatic Furnace FiltersElectrostatic air filters use static electricity to get the dirt out of the air. The electrostatic charge attracts tiny, microscopic household dust particles to electrostatic furnace filters like a magnet.* Electrostatic filters last for decades* Can be easily cleaned out with a ...


Energy Efficient Fan

Cooling systems can use up large amounts of electricity, making them one of the most energy-costly appliances you could ever have at home. However, cooling systems are a must to have for comfort. So for those of you who do not want to spend too much on electricity but do not want to compromise on comfort as well, the best thing that you can do is to start using energy efficient fans. An energy efficient fan is specifically designed to consume the least amount of energy. These kinds of appliances can still give out the same kind of output but use lesser amounts of energy during operation.One of the best kinds of efficient fan designs available in the market today is the ceiling fans. Ceiling fans are the perfect cooling systems that you can use the whole year round. During hot summer months, ceiling fans can keep you comfortably cool while during colder winter seasons, they can help keep you warm as well.During the winter months, an energy efficient fan can help distribute the heat equally around the house. In...


What Are the Advantages of Using McQuay Chiller Parts and Copeland Compressors?

Chillers are industrial refrigerating systems used to cool chambers where food or other products are stored at near-freezing temperatures. The word "chillers" also refers to units used to cool entire buildings.A chiller works on the same principle as an air conditioner. When a gas is compressed into a liquid, it warms up and when it is released into a larger chamber, it cools off. The warm liquid media is compressed outside of the chamber and the chilled gas is released into larger tubes inside the area to be cooled.These machines are expensive investments, and to keep them working in top shape, the parts should be those designed to fit the original equipment. For example, anyone with a McQuay chiller should look for a McQuay chiller part. As a subsidiary of Daikin industries, they are the second largest manufacturer of chillers and parts in the world.A McQuay chiller part can be as simple as an oil filter or as large as an entire compressor. Other McQuay chiller parts include: control boards, sensors, thrust...


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